Dr. Earnest's List of What to Eat and What to Avoid

Dr. Earnest’s What Foods to EAT - In Order to Avoid Degenerative Disease and Attain Optimum Health & Maximum Longevity
Water and Water Filters
Most people are dehydrated and need to drink more filtered pure water. We live in a high altitude, desert environment. How much water is enough to prevent dehydration? A good rule of thumb is to divide your body weight in ½ and drink that many ounces of filtered water or spring water (fluoride and chlorine-free) per day. Cook with filtered water too. Hard water or more alkaline pH water is healthier - avoid drinking softened water. Use a shower filter - you absorb and inhale more harmful chlorine by taking a hot shower than by drinking a gallon of tap water.

Fats / Oils that Heal
[Become a faithful and consistent label reader as knowledge about this section of foods is vital to attaining optimum health and maximum longevity]
“Know Your Fats” Mary Enig, PhD [Lipid Chemist and Nutritionist] and
Eat: organic, cold pressed and unrefined “fats that heal” (listed first in order of which can withstand high temperature cooking and those that can’t) = tallow or suet (can potentially be non-kosher depending upon where on the animal it comes from), rendered poultry fat (chicken, duck goose, turkey), virgin or refined coconut oil, palm oil, ghee, unsalted butter, extra-virgin olive oil, cod liver oil, fish oils or flax oil - never cook with or heat these last 3. Lard (rendered pig fat from a free ranging pig) is an ok fat but is not a clean and kosher fat. Avoid all lard that is in an antiseptic box, as real lard is perishable and needs to be refrigerated.

Meats and Organ Meats
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Meats should be: 100% grass fed [not grain fed], free ranging and antibiotic and hormone free. Wild game is good. 100% grass feeding creates high omega-3 fats [anti-inflammatory] in the livestock’s meat and fats - 100% grain feeding creates high omega-6 fats [inflammatory] in the livestock’s meat and fats. 100% grass fed meat and fats can have almost as much omega-3s as wild fish.
Clean and Kosher animals: antelope, buffalo/bison, caribou, cattle/cow/steer/ox, deer/mule deer, elk, goat, ibex, moose, reindeer, sheep/lamb/mutton
Organ meats: Organ meats from 100% grass fed animals are a great source of vital nutrients and minerals and since “like cures like” - [i.e. eating buffalo liver can help a dysfunctional human liver. Kidneys, organ cover fat and some other cover fat of oxen, goats or sheep and all animal blood is not clean or kosher foods as those choice animal parts and blood belongs to our Creator not us.

Poultry, Poultry Organs and Eggs
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Poultry should be: truly free ranging [allowed to eat insects - not grain fed] and antibiotic and hormone free. Second best choice is “organic” grain fed. The terms “free range” means nothing unless you know for sure that the poultry are really able to forage and roam free and get fresh air and sunlight and not just walk around on a small patio of fenced in grass; but since they are fed indoors they rarely even go outside. Poultry that are roaming and eating insects will have rich yellow fat and produce orange colored egg yolks.
Clean and Kosher poultry: flesh, organs and eggs should come from - chicken, dove, duck, goose, grouse, guinea fowl, partridge, pheasant, pigeon, prairie chicken, ptarmigan, quail, sagehen, sparrow, swan, turkey.

Fish, Fish Organs, Fish Eggs and Insects
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Fish should be wild not farmed. Farmed fish operations are just another form of inhumane and harmful factory farming.  Fresh, flash frozen or canned wild fish is acceptable. Canned fish should be packed in water or “extra virgin” olive oil not just olive oil which is not acceptable since it is a chemical solvent extracted type of oil.
Clean and Kosher fish, fish organs, fish eggs and insects: only locusts are kosher; fish, fish organs and fish eggs from these fish - anchovy, barracuda, bass, bluefish, bluegill, carp, cod, crappie, flounder, grouper, haddock, hake, halibut, herring/alewife, kingfish, mackerel, mahi-mahi, minnow, mullet, perch, pike, pollack, rockfish, salmon, sardine/pilchard, shad, silver hake, smelt, snapper, sole, steelhead, sucker, sunfish, tarpon, trout, tuna, turbot (not European), whitefish. Shellfish are not clean and kosher foods.

Diary Products and Milk
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Dairy animals should be 100% grass [not grain fed]. Dairy products should be whole, full fat, cream on top and raw [non-pasteurized and non-homogenized]. Raw dairy products is illegal is some states - aged raw milk cheese is legal. Organic, pasteurized but non-homogenized whole, full fat, cream on top: milk, plain yogurt and plain kefir; full-fat cottage cheese; full-fat sour cream; full-fat cream cheese; high butter fat unsalted butter are good but raw dairy products from 100% grass fed animals is vastly superior.

Nuts and Seeds
Eat: organic, dry roasted or raw nuts and seeds (soaked overnight in salt water and dried back out into crispy nuts - use the lowest temperature your oven will go, depending on the nut or seed - 12-36 hours). Unsoaked raw nuts and seeds are very hard to digest.

Whole Grains, Breads, Crackers, Pastries and Pasta
Eat: organic whole grains (soaking deactivates harmful mineral and enzyme inhibitors - before cooking, soak 8 hrs. in acidic water - 1 tbs. of either: whey; yogurt; lemon or lime juice or apple cider vinegar, discard soaking water, rinse and cook). Bread should be made of sourdough, organic, whole sprouted grains ground into flour. All pasta is a highly refined and processed food. Pasta is just a vehicle to get the sauce into your mouth - so instead use cooked whole grains or steamed vegetables [green beans, spaghetti squash, zucchini].

Beans, Legumes and Soy Products
Eat: organic (soaking deactivates harmful mineral and enzyme inhibitors - before cooking, soak 8 hrs. in acidic water - 1 tbs. of either: whey; yogurt; lemon or lime juice or apple cider vinegar, discard soaking water, rinse and cook). Organic, certified “aflatoxin” mold free peanuts. Only organic and fermented soy: miso (aged 18 months or longer), tempeh, natto, soy sauce (aged 6 months or longer).

Vegetables and Fruits
Organic [fresh, frozen or dried] - Eat: local and seasonal, a wide variety and of different colors. Avoid sulfur containing dried fruits.

Sugars, Juices, Junk Foods, Mayonnaise and Salt
Organic: cane sugar [rapadura, succanat], maple syrup (grade B), black strap molasses, date sugar, raw honey (unheated and unfiltered). All sugars will depress the immune system for 4 hours after eating. Stevia does not depress the immune system or raise blood sugar. Juices should be fresh squeezed and eaten with a fat that heals for proper absorption - if juice is pasteurized it is just another sugar source. Junk food should be home-made with whole foods and with fats that heal. Only use homemade or Wilderness Family brand Mayonnaise (made with fats that heal) and Celtic Sea Salt (unrefined, mineral rich, sun-dried and light grey color).

Dr. Earnest’s What Foods to AVOID - In Order to Avoid Degenerative Diseases & Attain Optimum Health & Maximum Longevity
Water and Water Filters
Avoid drinking distilled water - it will strip vital minerals and trace minerals from your body. Tap water can be contaminated with chemical pollutants, heavy metals, prescription drug residues and human waste. Get a countertop or under sink water filter [Doulton] or a catastrophe gravity feed water filter [Doulton] and a shower water filter [Shower Soft]. Few bottled waters come from real natural springs - if the bottle says drinking water it is just common tap water not spring water. Soften water contains too much chemical salts so do not drink it. If drinking reverse osmosis filtered water add trace mineral drops [Trace Minerals Research].to it

Fats / Oils that Kill
[Beware: dangerous labeling law loophole - liquid oils due not have to list how much trans fats they contain]
[Become a faithful and consistent label reader as knowledge about this section of foods is vital to attaining optimum health and maximum longevity]
Avoid: non-organic fats and oils (due to pesticide residues); refined or solvent extracted oils; soybean oil, rapeseed - canola oil, cottonseed oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, safflower oil - if the label says olive oil then it is a solvent extracted oil (only buy extra virgin); any type of margarine; any partially or fully hydrogenated oils, Crisco; vegetable shortening; butter imitation spreads & all trans fats

Meats, Organ Meats and Sea Mammals
Avoid: non-organic pesticide laden; fast food meats; any meats that have nitrates, nitrites or artificial smoke flavorings added, grain fed; caged and factory farmed; antibiotic and hormone laden; irradiated (cold pasteurized), genetically modified or microwaved.
Unclean and Non-Kosher animals: Boar, peccary, pig (bacon, ham, lard, most sausages and pepperoni), all canines, all felines, all equines (ass, donkey, horse, mule, zebra), armadillo, badger, bear, beaver, camel, elephant, gorilla, groundhog, hare, hippopotamus, kangaroo, llama/alpaca, monkey, mouse, muskrat, opossum, porcupine, rabbit, raccoon, rat, rhinoceros, skunk, squirrel, wallaby. Sea mammals: Dolphin, otter, porpoise, seal, walrus, whale.

Poultry, Poultry Organs and Eggs
Avoid: non-organic pesticide laden; fast food sources; caged and factory farmed; antibiotic and hormone laden; irradiated; powdered; eggbeaters; egg white only omelets.
Unclean and Non-Kosher birds: albatross, bat, buzzard, condor, crane, crow, cuckoo, eagle, flamingo, gull, hawk, heron, kite, loon, magpie, osprey, ostrich, owl, parrot, pelican, penguin, raven, roadrunner, sandpiper, seagull, stork, swallow, vulture, woodpecker.

Fish, Fish Organs, Shellfish, Seafood, Reptiles, Amphibians and Insects
Avoid: farmed; artificially dyed; antibiotic and hormone laden and high in mercury content fish. Tuna is very high in mercury; canned salmon is a better food choice as salmon is not contaminated with mercury.
Unclean Fish, Shellfish, Seafood, Reptiles, Amphibians and Insects: bullhead, catfish, eel, European turbot, marlin, paddlefish, shark, sturgeon and caviar, swordfish. Shellfish and Seafood: abalone, clam, crab, crayfish, lobster, mussel, prawn, oyster, scallop, shrimp, cuttlefish, jellyfish, octopus, squid. Reptiles and Amphibians: alligator, crocodile, lizard, snake, turtle, frog, newt, salamander, toad. Insects: slug, snail, worms and all other insects except locust.

Dairy Products and Milk
Avoid: all milk that is pasteurized (not raw). Your motto should be raw milk or no milk. Pasteurized milk is no longer a viable food - it will lead to mucus problems, digestive disorders (especially leaky gut), allergies and ear infections. If you must have pasteurized milk get organic cream on top (non-homogenized) and turn the milk into kefir. Avoid dairy products that are: non-organic; caged and factory farmed; antibiotic and hormone laden (BGH); irradiated (cold pasteurized); homogenized; ultra-pasteurized; powdered milk; canned milk; condensed milk; antiseptic boxed milk. Avoid dairy products that have bee fractionated of their normal fat content (low-fat or non-fat): non-fat milk; 2% milk; skim milk; low-fat yogurt; low-fat kefir; low-fat cottage cheese; low-fat sour cream; low-fat cream cheese; any non-fat dairy and stay away from flavored yogurts and kefirs as they contain huge amounts of sugar or corn syrup.

Nuts and Seeds
Avoid: non-organic; oil roasted nuts and seeds that are roasted in fats that kill (soybean oil, canola oil, cottonseed oil); nut or seed butters that contain fats that kill, sugars or hydrogenated oils.

Whole Grains, Breads, Crackers, Pastries and Pastas

“The Gluten Connection” Shari Lieberman, PhD - 1 in 133 gluten intolerant
Avoid: non-organic, processed, refined, enriched or fortified flour that is made into breads, crackers or pastries - most are made with fats that kill. Avoid all boxed breakfast cereals, especially puffed ones - as a rat will live longer eating the cereal box than that cereal. Avoid all pastas. Avoid white rice, white flour, rice milk; oat milk; puffed rice cakes; quick cooking oats or any quick cooking grain.

Beans, Legumes and Soy Products -
“The Whole Soy Story” Kaayla Daniel, PhD
Avoid: non-organic, processed, refined, canned, irradiated, non-soaked before cooked beans. Avoid non certified aflatoxin mold-free peanuts. Avoid non-organic, non-fermented soy products: tofu, soymilk, soy cheese, soy ice cream, soy hotdogs, soy sausage, soy lunch meats, soy protein powder, soy flour and soy isoflavones.

Vegetables and Fruits
[Nightshade Sensitivity: potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, all peppers and chile peppers, paprika and tobacco]
Avoid: canned and most backpacking food as it contains fats and oil that kill. Avoid: sulfur containing dried fruit.

Sugars, Juices, Junk Foods, Soda, Mayonnaise and Salt
[Become a faithful and consistent label reader
as knowledge about this section of foods is vital to attaining optimum health and maximum longevity]
Avoid: all artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes: aspartame, saccharine, equal, sweet & low, splenda, etc. Avoid Corn syrup and agave nectar they are in everything and they de-mineralize your bones, age your liver and lead to heart disease. Pasteurized juices are just a high sugar treat they are not a health food - the beneficial enzymes have been destroyed and most are refined and fiber less. Avoid all sodas that contain phosphoric acid. Soda has zero nutrient value and makes your body very acidic. Most junk food are highly refined, processed and contain fats and oils that kill and many artificial ingredients. Avoid all mayonnaise that contains fats and oils that kill. Avoid all refined (white) salt and pink or red salts as it contains too much iron. White salt (sodium chloride) is refined and purified and acts like a drug in our body. Salt is made that way because most 93% of salt is used for manufacturing purposes not for human consumption 7% - so we end up ingesting a refined and drug-like substance that hurts our health. Avoid sugars as much as possible as they depress your immune system for 4 hours after eating it. Pure stevia is a healthy sweet and does not do this. Avoid the 3 white’s - white sugar, white flour and white salt - they are vital nutrient robbers - keep them out of your diet as much as possible.

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